2014 December Team, Post-Trip Post

Well, we are finally back home.  Our plane out of Haiti was delayed due to mechanical problems and we arrived in Atlanta too late to catch our connecting flight to Kansas City on Saturday night.  We stayed in a hotel overnight and took the first flight out of Atlanta this morning to Kansas City.  Everyone is back home safe and sound, for which we are so thankful.  We had a wonderful trip and all of the team members indicated an interest in a return trip to Haiti at some point in the future.  Thank you for all of the prayers sent out for our trip.  God is good!


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2014 December Team, Day 7

Today we watched the beautiful morning prayer service at the school before a delicious breakfast and travel back to Port-au-Prince.  We took in a few sights today including the Baptist Mission, the Overlook, and the Heart-to-Heart International complex.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet and work along side our new Haitian friends and see a bit of the city.  We travel back home tomorrow afternoon and while we are sad to leave, we are looking forward to seeing family and friends at home.IMG_2043

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2014 December Team, Day 6

IMG_2004Today was a bittersweet experience for our team as it was our last day of construction at the school.  We enjoyed our work but enjoyed the fellowship with the school children and Haitian workers even more.  We got to know many of them by name through games and songs.  We truly enjoyed our time at the school and will miss the interaction with our new friends.  Tomorrow we leave for Port-au-Prince for sight seeing and lodging back in Petionville.


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2014 December Team, Days 4 and 5

We have internet connection!  Last night we had trouble accessing the internet so we were unable to post the daily blog.  We have continued our work at the school, sifting crushed rock to create concrete and stucco for the interior of two new classrooms.  Yesterday morning, half our our team got the opportunity to go into a few classrooms and interact with the students, making rubber band bracelets and paper airplanes.  The children seemed to enjoy our team’s presence and now can identify some of the team members by name.  Yesterday afternoon, half of the team got to attend a local soccer game in a community about 20 minutes from Petit Goave, which was part of the local Community Health Evangelism (CHE) effort.  We brought soccer shirts donated by COR, which were used for the first time in this game.IMG_1941


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2014 December Team, Day 3

Today was a terrific day; our first work day at the school.  We helped construct scaffolding and made stucco cement with crushed rock that we sieved.  The stucco was ‘tossed’ on the interior walls of the new school classrooms, which takes a specific talent that our team members discovered was pretty challenging!  We also got the opportunity to interact with the school children.  We are all trying to learn bits of French and Creole, so we can speak with the children and learn their names.  During down times and breaks we also played some games with the kids.  A very exciting first day for the December 2014 team!IMG_1937

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2014 December Team, Day 2

Bon Swa from Haiti!  Our second day in Haiti consisted of travel from Petionville to Petit Goave  to unload our gear at the Methodist Church Pastor’s compound and attend church service.  We walked downtown this afternoon as well to get a little more acquainted with our community.  The people have been very friendly albeit curious about their new visitors.  We look forward to working at the school tomorrow and interacting with the school children and teachers.IMG_1878

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2014 December Team, Day 1

We arrived safe and sound in Haiti today.  We are staying in the Methodist Guest House in Petionville.  We had a wonderful meal and are preparing for our evening devotional.  Blessings to all.IMG_3373

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2014 December Team, Pre-Trip Post

The December team is ready to depart for Haiti on Saturday!  We are excited to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in this world, to do His will, to serve where needed, to grow in relationship with one another and those we will serve on this trip.  We are scheduled to construct new walls for the Brakeman school in Petit Goave and possibly paint, as well.

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2014 September Team, Day 7

Alo!  First we would like to thank all of our prayer partners who sent us encouraging cards and letters.  It was very meaningful to hear from you and a few tears were shed!

After lunch we said our goodbyes in Petit Goave before returning to Port au Prince.  We experienced the Friday afternoon chaos of a large city with the noise, sights, smells and traffic.  Our driver took us around the central part of the capital city where we saw where the Presidential Palace stood before it was destroyed by the earthquake.  It was good to see lots of new construction going on.

Tomorrow morning we will do some more sightseeing before going to the airport.  We have had an amazing week but are ready to get back home to cooler temperatures and to our families and friends!  Bondye beni!

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2014 September Team, Day 6

Bon apremidi from Haiti, today we were back in Petit Goave where we had a busy day at the clinic with about 100 patients.  The pharmacy is running out of medications so it’s about time to come home!  After our time at the clinic several of us went to a demonstration garden in Tapion, a village nearby.  The garden is a project of the local CHE (Community Health Evangelism), it is a worldwide initiative which empowers communities in developing countries to help themselves. We met some of the village residents who are involved with the project and witnessed firsthand the negotiations Jill engages in as CHE coordinator for Church of the Resurrection!

We have had the opportunity to try a variety of local food such as fried breadfruit, plantains, goat and passion fruit juice. Tonight for dinner we had fried accra – fruit or vegetable – we aren’t sure which?  Our food has been very good and now we are all accustomed to having Coke soda flavored with real sugar for lunch every day!  We will have to break that habit when we get home.

Tomorrow we will have a short day in the clinic so we can drive back to Port au Prince ahead of the traffic.  We will stay in the Methodist guest house again and we hope to do some sightseeing around the city before we leave Saturday afternoon.  We are grateful to Pastor and Madame Dorcely and their staff for taking good care of us and to our interpreters who have worked so hard all week.  We are also thankful for family and friends at home who have been praying for us and who we look forward to seeing again soon.  We ou tale (see you soon)!

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